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July 5th ,2007:
still working on the construction of the site...step by step..

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First publication in national men's weekly AKTUEEL Sportief, nr. 27. Article on the smokeban legislation to be effected in 2008. Check the link below.


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(4 Janv, 2007)
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ill titleWelcome

Every day life passes at an amazing pace. How little do we take time to feel, to sense, to live and be aware of the moment.

On this website I am pleased to share with you a ill_1selection of impressions. Photography to me incorporates the ability to capture treasurable moments, split seconds of our hectic life and cover the instants under a veil of serenity. Reminders of the essence of living. Feel free to browse the gallery and share some moments...

ill titleVlissingen

Since 2002, Vlissingen (Flushing) has adopted me as one of its residents. For centuries the fisherman's town has been an important harbour with golden days in during the quests of the East India Company. The wharves of Vlissingen, where the Royal Navy ships are built, are still wellknown. ill_2

Living close to the sea and the beach a new dimension of my life has started to develop. Self-exploration as a trigger to discover all that life has to offer. Setting standards rather than being a follower. Photography is a tool to play with creativity. Fantasy and dreams combined with harsh reality and a touch of romance can make an interesting cocktail.